Rock HIIT Sessions


The RSP Gym offers their unique RockHIIT classes throughout the week. These are the RSP coaches twist on traditional High Intensity Interval Training and contain a mixture of modalities. Classes typically run around 45 minutes in length. What if you can make a class time or simply unable to attend a specific time? No Worries! We now offer “OPEN GYM” hour time slots for the Sweatbox during free hours of the day that it is not in use by our trainers. You will be given a unique code to gain access to the Sweatbox, where the daily Workout of the day (WOD) will be listed on the white board to use at your disposal, or you can perform your own workout as well! The point is, you are granted extra access to this restricted part of our facility!

Class Schedules as follows:

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**PSA: Due to the recent COVID0-19 pandemic, we may cancel with last minute notice. Please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to stay up to date on class times and gym events!

-Coach AP

Monday: 5:00 AM

Tuesday: 8:00 AM

Wednesday: 5:00 AM

Thursday: 8:00 AM

Friday: 5:00 am

Saturday: Varies – Posted Facebook/Instagram Week to Week

***Please Sign Up for a Class spot at least 2 hours before class begins. Thank you for your cooperation! ***

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